John Deere Series E

In 1991 I had my Lawnmower shop in Roann. One of my customers was Floyd Haines and Floyd had been a friend of the family for as long as I can remember. Floyd and his wife, Eva, were close friends with my Grandpa and Grandma Pell.

Floyd came into the store a lot of times just to say "Hi" and visit for a short time. One day he told me that he wanted me to stop by his house, whenever I got a chance. He had something that he wanted to show me. Some time shortly thereafter I stopped by his house. Floyd took me out to the barn and there sat a John Deere, 1 1/2 Horse, hit and miss engine. It was then than he told me this story.

Back in the late 30's or early 40's my Grandpa Pell purchased this engine. Grandpa had used the engine up until the 50's and then did not have any use for it. Floyd did have a need for the engine so Grandpa Pell gave the engine to him. Floyd had used this engine right up to this time but wanted to give the engine to me to get it back into the family. Floyd had only one stipulation, if he needed the engine, that he would be able to use it at any time. The only use that he would have for it would be to run the elevator to put hay bales into the top of the barn. Floyd was in his late 80's at this time, of course I agreed to these terms. I had known Floyd all my life and didn't know about the engine.

I took the engine to the shop, put in fresh gas, and it ran. I removed the head and decarboned it, removed the gas tank and cleaned out the varnish and just general degreased engine. Then I put on a new coat of John Deere green and trimmed it in John Deere yellow and put everything back together. The engine always starts easily to this day. I have taken the engine to several Engine Shows around the area and plan to take it to more shows after I retire.